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Basic Setup and Installation of DosBox

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Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I know that dosbox is not yet integrated with wine, but whenever I double click on a DOS program with wine it just opens dosbox and closes it in the next moment.

Why does this happen? Here is the terminal output:. Top post edit By the way, I see the issue you're talking about with the double-clicking. Just launch dosbox and run, or make sure your binary is inside of the. EXE' Correct your sound settings. The wiki tells us how to configure the file and determine our midi parameters. To get those utilities we need sudo apt-get install pmidi.

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Then we can see something like this:. Which gives us this:. Now when I double click an exe it tries to load in dosbox, as it should since I installed that last. You don't launch things in Dosbox with shortcuts.

You load up dosbox and run them. At least that's what I do, and it works for me. Oh, and finally since I installed it anyway: I needed to test that the sound was working anyway.

install winevdm

Yes it works fine if you run dosbox directly, but there are issues with Wine integration. I think people aren't getting your question. Try running this application with DOSBox. This shows Wine is using an incorrect configuration file. Unfortunately Wine generates this file each time it calls DOSBox so fixing this will require submitting a patch or report to Wine's Bugzilla. Maybe there are additional configuration settings that would correct the generated configuration? Ubuntu Community Ask!

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Dos programs in wine Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 11 months ago.

Windows 10: How to get old games working (Easy way)

Active 7 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 12k times. Tachyons Tachyons 16k 15 15 gold badges 67 67 silver badges bronze badges. Why do you want dosbox integrated in WINE?

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How do i change my aoc monitor settings

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Search us! Pinning your icons in the start menu UnlockMe!Applications written for Windows 1. A programmer who calls himself or herself otya has adapted the Wine "Wine is Not an Emulator" software into a system called winevdm also otvdm so that old Windows programs including installation programs can run in bit Windows as if they were ordinary modern Windows programs.

With this system installed, you can simply double-click on these old Windows programs and launch them in the same way that you launch modern Windows programs.

Virtual DOS machine

Under this system, these old programs can open files in the same way that modern Windows applications do, and many but not all applications that were designed to send data to a printer can print to any Windows printer.

Don't be clueless! Clueless Visitor No. He later reported that, having read the sentence on this page that begins with the words "Applications written for Windows", he did not understand that the subject of the sentence as the phrase actually used in that sentence, applications written for Windowsnot applications written for DOS.

Only later, he said, he finally "understood the implication" that this page is about Windows programs, not about DOS programs. This is not an "implication. It is what those words actually say. Please do not follow the example of Clueless Visitor No. One of a series of "Don't be clueless! The winevdm system is maintained on this Github page. Install the program by right-clicking on the install.

Alternatively, you can download an Inno Setup installer that I created for a recent version of otvdm, and which I intend to update regularly as new releases appear.

install winevdm

It offers to install the system into a folder named OTVDM in the root of your system drive typically C:but you can select or create any other folder that you may prefer. After installing the system, you can update it with the latest release of the system by downloading the new release from the appveyor page linked above and copying its contents into OTVDM folder, overwriting the existing files.

If you let the installer overwrite these files, you may need to install your bit Windows applications again. Back up your otvdm system before reinstalling! First, it adds to the otvdm folder a program named FileOpen. Another important note: The installer also offers to make a copy of FileOpen.In a way, both meanings are correct, only seen from different perspectives. The first meaning says that Wine is not a virtual machine, it does not emulate a CPU, and you are not supposed to install Windows nor any Windows device drivers on top of it; rather, Wine is an implementation of the Windows API, and can be used as a library to port Windows applications to Unix.

The second meaning, obviously, is that to Windows binaries. Wine main task is to run Windows executables under non Windows operating systems. It supports different types of executables:.

WineVDM - a way to run 16-bit apps on 64-bit Windows

Wine deals with this issue by launching a separate Wine process which is in fact a Unix process for each Win32 process, but not for Win16 tasks. Win16 tasks are run as different intersynchronized Unix-threads in the same dedicated Wine process; this Wine process is commonly known as a WOW process Windows on Windowsreferring to a similar mechanism used by Windows NT.

Synchronization between the Win16 tasks running in the WOW process is normally done through the Win16 mutex - whenever one of them is running, it holds the Win16 mutex, keeping the others from running. When the task wishes to let the other tasks run, the thread releases the Win16 mutex, and one of the waiting threads will then acquire it and let its task run.

Note that several instances of this process could exist, as Windows has support for different VDM Virtual Dos Machines in order to have Win16 processes running in different address spaces.

The windows architecture Windows NT way looks like the following drawing. Note also not depicted in schema above that the bit applications are supported in a specific subsystem. Some basic differences between the Win9x and the NT architectures include:. Wine implementation is closer to the Windows NT architecture, even if several subsystems are not implemented yet remind also that bit support is implemented in a bit Windows EXE, not as a subsystem. Here's the overall picture:.

The Wine server provides the backbone for the implementation of the core DLLs. It mainly implements inter-process synchronization and object sharing. Wine uses the Unix drivers to access the various hardware pieces on the box. However, in some cases, Wine will provide a driver in Windows sense to a physical hardware device. The Wine server is among the most confusing concepts in Wine. What is its function in Wine?

When the Wine server launches, it creates a Unix socket for the current host based on see below your home directory's. If a Wine server was not already running, the first Wine process will start up the Wine server in auto-terminate mode i.

This means that there can actually be several separate copies of the Wine server running; one per combination of user and configuration directory. Note that you should not have several users using the same configuration directory at the same time; they will have different copies of the Wine server running and this could well lead to problems with the registry information that they are sharing.

Every thread in each Wine process has its own request buffer, which is shared with the Wine server. When a thread needs to synchronize or communicate with any other thread or process, it fills out its request buffer, then writes a command code through the socket. The Wine server handles the command as appropriate, while the client thread waits for a reply. In some cases, like with the various WaitFor???

The Wine server itself is a single and separate Unix process and does not have its own threading - instead, it is built on top of a large poll loop that alerts the Wine server whenever anything happens, such as a client having sent a command, or a wait condition having been satisfied.

There is thus no danger of race conditions inside the Wine server itself - it is often called upon to do operations that look completely atomic to its clients. Because the Wine server needs to manage processes, threads, shared handles, synchronization, and any related issues, all the clients' Win32 objects are also managed by the Wine server, and the clients must send requests to the Wine server whenever they need to know any Win32 object handle's associated Unix file descriptor in which case the Wine server duplicates the file descriptor, transmits it back to the client, and leaves it to the client to close the duplicate when the client has finished with it.Yes, it really can run Excel 3.

While trying to compiling I got this error:. Performing Custom Build Tools The system cannot find the path specified.

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Microsoft Word 1. Another great thing is that you can run WinHelp for all your ancient documenation fixes! Also MS Write from the ancient days of Windows 3. The latest version allows the menus to work properly so you can actually use Word for Windows 2. Further updates let you actually select and open files in Word for Windows 2. Yep, I just updated the build and I can open files directly in Write now. And things crash with a bit more detail, except for Sim City for Windows.

Perhaps that was causing problems?

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It can even run Program Manager… and launch programs. Problem is it launches them in a shared VDM ala Windows 9x, so things crash pretty quickly. I did some stress testing with SimTower and it works well too.

Wine Developer's Guide/Architecture Overview

Wonder if this can needlessly run Win32s stuff…. It just up and crashes right away. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

install winevdm

Learn how your comment data is processed. Excel 3. F2c Dungeon. WinHelp 3. The latest build fixes the menu bar!! All kinds of stuff is usable now! No issues with Windows 3. I just tried the 3. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Authenticate this comment using OpenID.One of the more exciting things is that as long as I do a print setup first, I can actually print on a new printer from MS Word 2. You can download it from the releases page here :.

I found it best to install Windows 3. After the install I copy the application so the physical drive of the hosts matches where it was installed, and then unpack the 7z build archive into that directory. Since these files are most certainly going to be emulated by WineVDM. You can see my notes on building it here.

Excel 3. Yes, it really can run Excel 3. While trying to compiling I got this error:. Performing Custom Build Tools The system cannot find the path specified. F2c Dungeon. Microsoft Word 1. WinHelp 3. Another great thing is that you can run WinHelp for all your ancient documenation fixes!

Also MS Write from the ancient days of Windows 3. The latest version allows the menus to work properly so you can actually use Word for Windows 2. Further updates let you actually select and open files in Word for Windows 2. Printing on paper!

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